Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Okay, so I had planned on packing the camper yesterday afternoon. I don't know how it didn't happen! I only:
  • Washed a load of clothes
  • filled the dishwasher and started it
  • made lunch
  • ate lunch with family
  • washed another load of clothes
  • folded a basket of laundry
  • set up all of our vitamins for our four day trip
  • washed a sink full of dishes
  • put some items in the bins to go to the camper
  • cut some coupons from Sunday's paper
  • prepped for dinner
  • folded another basket of laundry
  • went through packing list to see what else I could get in the bins to go to the camper
  • ate dinner with family
  • searched high and low for my husband's baseball mitt so he could go to softball (we pretty much tore apart the camper, truck and car but didn't find it)
  • reorganized the back storage bin in the camper since we pulled it apart looking for the mitt
  • fixed a hole in the pool
  • helped a friend figure out a website she was having problems with
I just can't figure out where my time went!

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