Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wonderful news....

My daughter came to me tonight and asked me at what age I accepted Jesus into my heart. I told her I did when I was 31. She asked me if it would be okay if she beat me to heart skipped a beat...did she mean now??? I asked her if that's what she meant...YES!!! SHE DID!!! We talked....we prayed....we cried. What a joyful day - knowing that she will be going to heaven too!

I have been silently praying since the moment she left the room that I can be a good discipler to her, and that my life can be even more Christ-like than before so she has a good role model. The song from Phillips, Craig, and Dean keeps running through my head now..."Lord I wanna be just like you, because he wants to be just like me, I wanna be a holy example for his innocent eyes to see...Help me be a living Bible Lord, that my little boy can read, I wanna be just like you, 'cuz he wants to be like me." I of course am singing with she in place of he, but I also pray, pray, pray, that my son will realize his need for the Savior as well.

What an awesome day! What a Savior! God is good, all the time.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Lurking on my own blog...

I apologize for not being around in a while. I've been here, but only to check up on other blogs, so yep, I've been lurking on my own blog! The holidays have kept me extremely busy, and I have just not had time to consider writing (other than for, and even that's been limited).
We started back to school today after a nice three-week break, and the kids actually did pretty well. My son wanted to buck the system a little bit, but once he realized Momma wasn't going to budge he decided to do what I was asking. This evening he gets to play his dad's xbox360 while big sister and Dad go on a date. It's nice because it gives me a bit of breathing room, too, and I can catch up on a couple of things I've let go by the wayside.

Things are going alright here otherwise. I will try to update my health blog with the latest on me as there have been some developments on my longterm health issues, but the doctors are still trying to come up with a diagnosis.
I've also been very busy updating our spending plan and preparing to upgrade our old Quicken to the 2010 version. I still am smart shopping and our storage room and freezers are looking good as well.

A fun thing my daughter and I just did before the new year is do the Pantene Beautiful Lengths for Cancer hair donation. I had 11 inches cut off, a
nd she had 8. You can see the pic below. It's been taking a bit to get used to the shorter hair, but it was for a good cause, so more than worth it.