Sunday, June 6, 2010


I just noticed that I haven't written anything here in a month, so I started thinking back through May to realize that I cannot put into words all the changes that have happened in me during that time.

My writing interests were very dry over the last weeks. I didn't even write any articles for (I hope that I am still 'employed' there!), but I can see now that my focus on life has changed and again the good Lord has been working on my heart as I strive to be ever more like Him. Almost every morning over the last 5 months I have eagerly gone to Him and spent time with Him learning how to pray and learning from His Word more and more about Him. On Sunday mornings my heart yearns to worship Him at church (although health issues cause me to feel absolutely terrible while there) and to sit under the teaching of my pastor who has a fiery love for God that encourages my heart and makes me want to spend even more time with the Father.

As I have shared in previous posts that I have been reading more, I am finding my thirst for Christian books to be insatiable. I want to become more and more like Christ, and the more I read and the more I spend time with Him, the more I want! I find my hunger for the Lord to be so strange, yet so wonderful that I just can't describe it. I pray that my love for the Lord will be seen by all and that others will be encouraged to want the same thing, too. Break my heart, Father, for what breaks yours... Everything I am for your kingdom's me how to love like you have loved me. Amen.