Friday, July 17, 2009

Coupon Chaining and other stuff...

My sister and two friends and I have decided to team up and coupon chain. We're all pretty excited about it, to the point that we're even contemplating a name for ourselves! This is our first month of it, so we haven't gotten into a pattern or anything, but the plan is to buy 300-400 coupons from ebay once a month and pass them around our group. We still have the logistics to work out, but it's been fun listening to each other's ideas. Are you in a coupon chain? What works for you, and what doesn't? We'd love some tips on how to make ours run smoothly.

Couponing has been going very well. I've saved more money this month (I know that sounds crazy to some-yes, we do have to spend money to save money, but my storage room is starting to look nice and full with all of the great things I've been getting for great deals), so we're doing wonderful. I have made it beyond the middle of July and still have funds in the bank account where I put all the savings from last month, so I'm very excited about that!

I have been looking at couponing as a hobby which really helps...I have been spending a couple of hours daily checking out blogsites, coupon sites, and ads. Then there's the actual shopping, and that's been fun for me. My husband and kids beg to differ some of the time, but they are happy when we are home and they have a variety of food to eat! I don't ever want to look at couponing as a chore, because once it isn't fun anymore I have a feeling I won't want to continue. So some people have scrapbooking or knitting or whatever...I have couponing!

This last week went by rather quickly. It felt really strange today not to be packing to go somewhere. Jeff had a full day of golf with his company, so it's a stay at home weekend, which is okay, but I can't wait for our next camping trip. Instead, I cleaned the den (including inside cabinets and desks), mowed the lawn (and almost killed three baby bunnies in the process!), cleaned our front step/porch area (and the mess left behind from killing a hornet's nest yesterday), scrubbed down the grill, cleaned the garage, did laundry, and found a bit of time to do some coupon browsing. Oh, and facebook! Have I mentioned yet how much I enjoy facebook? With being a stay at home/homeschool mom, I don't get out much, so I am so thankful for the quick and easy way I can keep up with friends and family. I check it often, and love that so many people use it. A lot of people see it as a time waster and don't get the concept, but for homebodies like me, it gives me an opportunity to experience the outside world and have adult conversations with friends any time of the day, and I can still get homeschool accomplished and chores done.

Speaking of chores, I best get back to them! Hope your weekend is good!

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