Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The mundane things really aren't mundane.

As I sat at my desk this evening feeling overwhelmed by everything that went on over the last few days, my mind was spinning as I felt I accomplished nothing today. Then a fellow blogger reminded me of a promise that I made to myself not long ago to bring the glorious into the mundane. How easy it is to forget.

I did a lot today. I did a lot yesterday after we got home from camping and my uncle's funeral (who passed away young of cancer). I did a lot the days before we went camping over the weekend...but it was all mundane stuff. Nothing out of the ordinary, just things I do to prepare for and after every camping trip, and every day that we're home during the week. Homeschool. Planning shopping lists. Making meals. Planning for the next week. Making menus. Laundry. Mowing the lawn. You know, just the normal, every day stuff. After I gave myself a bit of time to ponder the post from that blog page, I have begun to realize the importance once again of not forgetting God in these things. He is with me always, and yet I keep forgetting to acknowledge Him throughout my day, and be thankful I have these mundane things to do.

I also don't want to take the great things for granted, either. The Lord laid it upon my heart heavily yesterday as I talked with my aunt after the funeral. I mentioned to her we came directly from camping to the funeral, and she started crying, and said that's one thing she'll never get to do again. I asked her if her kids would take her camping, and she replied, "it just wouldn't be the same". How precious her marriage was to her, and her husband. I pray that I will never take my husband for granted, nor my children. And that's one of the main earthly reasons to always bring the glorious into the mundane, because in the mundane we serve our families and our Lord more than we could ever know.

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  1. Really great post! Well written and very true - always good to remember!
    Teri Larsen