Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My Savings Book

I thought I'd share today what I've come up with for what I call "my savings book". It consists of a binder with everything I need to save money. First, here's the binder:
Then when I open it up it has a slot for extra coupons or stuff that I need to have access to quickly as well as shopping lists (on post it lined paper) that don't have any ads. I also have a ziploc type pocket to put needed things in like paper clips, paper, or pens/highlighters:
Next are the coupons, and I've separated them into grocery and non-grocery using 4x6 plastic photo holders especially made for binders. I bought them at Office Depot:
Ads come next, and I used leftover heavy weight sheet protectors from Office Depot (from another project) for them. The sticky post-it lined paper works great for sticking it to the ad, and then I paper clip the coupons to the sticky note. I also have a program called Handy Shopper on my palm pilot, but I have not yet figured out a good method for using it with needing to have it set specifically for so many different stores each week. I'm trying to come up with a plan, though, since that would make it even easier!
After the ads, I have restaurant and business coupons:
Behind all this I have put a notebook if I need to have paper while I'm out shopping or want to jot something down.

It's still all in it's 'baby' stages as this is only my fourth week. So far this system is working well. I am thinking, however, that I might need to get some more 4"x6" photo holders to accommodate the smaller restaurant and business coupons that I have, too, maybe going every other page or something like that. I'd love to hear if anyone has any tips on how to make this system even better!

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