Monday, June 22, 2009

Couponing update...

This is week four of my new-found hobby of couponing. It's going well. I just about have all my shopping lists ready to get to the stores with the deals I have coupons for, and hopefully I can make it to all of them. So far we've saved over $600 total with some clothing purchases for Jeff - but we did BOGO at Kohl's, the $50 rebate at Sears, and the 50% off at Old Navy. We also did rebates at Menards. $300 of that $600 is savings from groceries and necessities, and I still have this week to include, so hopefully we'll have close to $400 in the 'grocery' checking account come July 1st that I will use solely for groceries and necessities. It will certainly be interesting to see just how far I can stretch that money!

On another note, it got to be 86 degrees and very humid here today. We decided to put the pool up for the kids. They couldn't even
wait to hop in! The water is still extremely cold, however, so they didn't last long. I imagine by tomorrow afternoon it should be perfect.

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