Friday, May 29, 2009


We took our first camping trip of the season over Memorial day weekend. We stayed at Interstate State Park in Minnesota. It is just on the Eastern border between Minnesota and Wisconsin on the St. Croix River at Taylor's Falls. The weather was the 70's during the day, and upper 40's at night. On the evening of our arrival, Jeff's brother-in-law and his wife and 2 kids came to visit and share a campfire with us. It was a fun visit.

On our first full day we went on a tour, checking out potholes made in basalt on the St. Croix riverbed. The particular pothole I have posted is called the "lily pond". They used to plant lilies in it, but have not done it in several years. After our tour, we went to a restaurant in Taylor's Falls called "the Drive In". It is a 50's style drive up that you get your food served to you right at your car. Next to the Drive In was a mini-golf place run by the same owners. We decided to play a
round of golf with the kids when we were done eating. We headed back to the camper after that, and we all had a bit of quiet time, just resting and relaxing. I got to try out my new hammock Jeff gave me for Christmas, and I really enjoyed that.

Our next full day was Sunday, and we
decided to take a boat tour on the St. Croix. We sat on the top deck, front row. It was a great view of the river as we headed downstream 40 minutes and then back again.

On Monday we headed back home after lunch. I was very surprised that there were so many fun things to do at Interstate. When we made the reservations earlier this spring, I thought for sure it was going to be a dull weekend hanging around the campsite. I was glad I was wrong!

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  1. Looks like a great place to vacation! We love camping so I'll have to check it out. It's a little far for us but in the ball park for a longer vacation!

    thanks for posting!