Friday, May 29, 2009


I am a Twins fan. I love watching them, especially in person. On the TV is okay, I can do that, but I have a real hard time listening on the radio because I'm a visual person. Jeff has to tell me what's happening every once in a while for me to know what's going on! My favorite player for the last few years has been Joe Nathan. I have a few other players that I really like to watch play as well. I hope the Twins do well this year. I was beginning to get concerned for a while when they were having problems getting out of their losing streak. It was also good to see Joe Mauer back in the line up.

We're gearing up to go and watch our first college level baseball game tonight. Our local team is called the Riverbats. They have been in our area since 1997, and we haven't missed a season without going at least three times or more every summer. They are fun to watch as the guys learn how to use real wooden bats. We also enjoy the fun things they do between innings to keep the kids' interest up. Our oldest, who is 9, has started to enjoy baseball. She listens to the Twins as often as she can on her radio at bedtime or will sit and watch a game with us. Our 8 year old is just starting to pay attention to the games and asks the score from time to time, but he isn't as interested yet. Nevertheless, I am looking forward to the fun evening with my family tonight, and hope the Riverbats can do well! It will also be great to see some fireworks - they always put on a great display after the first home opener.

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